image That time of the year again

Someday I'll pass all my unplayed games down to my children, then to my children's children. My library will be a family heirloom.


I'm collecting them for "one day"


The funny thing is that from the gamer's perspective, this meme could be reversed because we spent two games with Triss. (Well, I spent one game with best girl Shani, and one with Triss, but I digress.)


It’s like what I also have with books.. buying and playing/reading are two different hobbies….


As someone who just bought a gaming laptop on Memorial day (US holiday) and who has just downloaded Steam like two weeks ago. I'm super excited!


So, is Days Gone actually good? For 25€ I'm considering it but it just looks generic af.


unfortunately, neither dark souls 2 or 3 were on sale


Rip my bank account


Heres the thing about the summer sale.... since roughly 2019 there has been very few successful (as in good not just profitable) major releases that have been out long enough to be on sale. The few needles in the stack are usually either already owned by those who want them or arent on sale/are on a very small sale (10%).

'Back in the day' (2012- ~2016) the steam sales were a major event in the PC gaming industry as major developers were pumping out fairly consistent bangers. Now its more likely that a major game release is a buggy rushed cash grab than an actual game let alone a good game worth buying.

Then to add to this steam has sales for massive quantities of games all the time making sale events even less significant. (This isnt a bad thing but it does take away from the sale event itself).

The golden days of meaningful sales are over.


Haha. So accurate. I stare at my vast list and shrug.

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