image it's racist repellant

I've got a shirt that says "vaccines cause adults" same theory/effect different path.


Northern alberta, blacksmith build, bald, big beard.

The shithole people that think i share their views continue to be caught flat footed, and it NEVER GETS OLD.


Someone on Reddit sent me an Awesome BLM hoodie because I complained about being a middle aged middle-class white dude with a bald head who drives a truck.

People see me and ASSUME I must be a piece of shit.

It's not my fault I'm bald!! If I had a choice I would still have my Robert Smith hair from the 80's!


46 yr old white male from Kansas that now lives in Florida, can concur. Always amazed me to be standing in line at a hardware store and some dumbass next to me would start a convo with, "that damn Obama."


I'm a mid-30's white guy who's a bit overweight, has a beard, and drives a truck as I do a lot of camping in the woods whilst living in Oregon.

You'd be SHOCKED at what people assume I'm cool with in casual conversations. I know I sure am.


I’m a bi guy but I’m pretty straight looking and work in a straight field so I often get this. I like to listen to whatever they say about The Gays and then say “oh absolutely, take me for example.”


Once I grew out my beard, I instantly found myself in this predicament. I recently picked up a sticker from the SRA merch store, with an M4 over a pride flag that says "Defend Equality." Still trying to figure out where I should put it, for maximum confusion/effect. I'm thinking next to the Marine Corps sticker on my water bottle, really scramble some brains.


I wish I had the patience to become a Proud Boy mole. I am a dead ringer for 3rd Percentilers / Meal Team Six / Gravy Seals, but prolonged exposure to right wing dumbfuckery makes me naseous.


My coworker keeps saying...

"I'm not racist, but..."

Every single time I've responded with:

"Actually, that's pretty racist."

And he STILL thinks I agree with him.


I'm a teacher. A while back I had a parent get mad at me for starting an email to parents 'Grownups', insisting it should be 'Moms and Dads'. Like, why?!?

For context, in my rural, low income school district, we have a lot of students living with grandparents, extended family, foster care, and more. I am damn well going to use language that includes all the grownups that provide care in my student's lives, whether that one parent likes it or not.

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