link ‘I felt very unsafe’: Parents speak out after Proud Boys show up at children’s library event

Nothing screams alpha male like harassing children in a library


First time they ever set foot in a library.


The way these ‘proud boys’ keep turning up at child events worries me. I think their hard drives need checking.


They were basically escorted by the police too. You know what's fucking sick? Grown men showing up to intimidate children and parents in libraries. They have already shown they have no respect for reading, learning and anything related. They're just using wedge issues to disrupt safe learning environments. They understand learning prevents you from becoming hateful man-babies like themselves. Their numbers would drop if anyone actually read a book outside their expertise or life experience. This isn't about LGBTQ people (although that war is always raging and I'm sorry for those that have to fight all the time), or any other minorities (this I understand the exhaustion of fighting) ultimately it's more about winning their white Christian nationalist culture war which they've been hilariously losing because education and reality skew liberal.

When I was in school they cut education spending every year by some amount. When I was in college they made charter schools for white flight. When I went to law school they created vouchers for private schools to strip public schools of needed resources. It's always some new fight. Now they're back to old school fights like banning books. Surprising they're bringing libraries back in, shits old school. If anything its absolutely going to backfire and maybe even increase library goers. But make no mistake this is just an attack on education, making people feel unsafe going to a place where they can get resources.


Wilmington, NC. The only coup d’etat in US history occurred here in 1898. Surprise, surprise, racists didn’t like that progressive whites and blacks had a achieved real political power in the state. So in one night, white supremacists massacred as many as 300 black people, many whites and removed the duly elected mayor and police chief by gunpoint. I see there’s still a lot of mouth breathers in the city who seem to want to go back to the “good old days”.


These assholes have been searching their whole life, since high school ended, to feel special again. Fucking sad.. .


I think its well past time to officially label the Proud Boys a terrorist organization.


I work at a library and kinda our whole deal is to make kids feel like they have a safe place. I mean we obviously do a lot of other stuff but that’s one of the big ones.

If these jabronies showed up to one of our summer events for the kids, I would lose it. I’d either get jumped by them or arrested by the jackwagon cops who gave them safe passage because there’s zero chance I’d just sit there and let kids feel uncomfortable. This isn’t even a tough guy moment; I’m decidedly not a tough guy, but everyone has to draw a line somewhere in the sand. Fuck ‘em.

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