link American woman who had incomplete miscarriage while vacationing in Malta not allowed to get abortion for the remainder of the fetus

This is so stupid. It’s not like the baby is viable AT ALL.


These are the circumstances that led to the death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland. The subsequent outrage was one of the factors that led to the eventual legalisation of abortion there.


So she is just going to die from sepsis because laws?


I just do not understand. Even if someone is religious and believes life starts at conception, surely the partial body of an already-dead fetus is not a life??? It just defies all logic.


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A pregnant American woman who suffered an incomplete miscarriage while vacationing in Malta will be airlifted to Spain on Thursday for a procedure to prevent infection because Maltese law prohibits abortion under any circumstances, the woman's partner said.

Jay Weeldreyer told The Associated Press by phone from a hospital in the island nation that his partner, Andrea Prudente, is at risk of a life-threatening infection if the fetal tissue isn't promptly removed.

While the hospital is carefully monitoring her for any sign of infection, the facility cannot perform the surgery to complete the miscarriage, he said.

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This is exactly what happened to the Irish woman who died as a result and finally pissed off enough people to get the law changed.

When anti abortion laws say it’s allowed to save the life of the mother, it means only when she is actively dying. By which time it may be too late. Too bad if she is diagnosed with cancer and if treatment is going to succeed, it can’t wait until the end of pregnancy. Too bad if the fetus can’t possibly survive, but the maternal circulation perfuses the fetal tissues sufficiently to support a “fetal heartbeat.”

This fetus is already dead; the mother will die too if they don’t act in time.


Maltese person here : Plenty of people are in outrage over here, many are protesting in various places. We have such antiquated and backwards abortion laws, completely illegal in all cases!


What the hell... Republic of Gilead?


This is what happens when the government sticks their nose in between people and their doctors.


What the fuck is wrong with this world.

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