link States can’t regulate guns, but they can ban abortions — why?

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Sounds like we need to make common sense abortion rights a constitutional amendment.


An ideological supreme court. It's not suppose to make sense, it's a religious conservative fantasy land.


Just wait till they set precedent by rolling back what the EPA can and cannot regulate (hint: nothing), opening the door for a roll back on any and all government regulations, so that we can take the fast lane to our globo-corporate overlords having exactly zero government oversight, if there’s even any government left over.

Decades of concerted conservative court packing is coming to a head. Things are going to get very, very ugly.


This must be one of the most destructive, partisan, and self-serving courts in the history of the modern judiciary. The Roberts court is hellbent on empowering a Christofascist state, damn the consequences.


Don't forget that states can ban books and words, too.

Children have prepare for the day they get murdered in their classroom, but we can't possibly let Little Timmy mention their two dads. That's going too far.


Because America is the land of gun care and health control


This title just seems false. From what I understand, SCOTUS made all states "shall issue", which doesnt take away regulatory process of getting a permit. It just guarantees that, if one does go through the process and passes, they are issued a permit without being denied for arbitrary reasons.


because SCOTUS is just a bunch of political hacks at this point. thats it. no "reading the constitution". no "originalism". just "how can we bend this as right-ward as possible?"


The plain answer- Guns are specifically protected by the constitution and Abortion is not.

Though, I disagree with that answer bc the 9th Amendment provides protection for rights that may not be enumerated in the constitution. Abortion should be protected as a right to privacy and it does not have to be specifically mentioned in the constitution to be protected.

That being said, I agree with the ruling on CCW permits. I do not think you should be forced to provide a reason to obtain a CCW. If you are eligble for it (Pass a background check, take a class and pass it, obtain licensure) you should be able to obtain the license. I know this is reddit, and this take won't be generally liked here, it doesn't change the fact that this was the right ruling here. However they are extremely wrong on abortion.

Edit: the support here was unexpected, lol

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