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Dude received a playlist


I swear to god if it is not cantina I’ma execute someone


Definitely read that as "ran over the bagpiper" thought this would have a sad ending


Ok if I don't get a link with someone playing John Williams on a bag pipe I'm leaving one star.


Wish I had a favorite bagpiper.




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My fav bagpipe player was a dude who would go out to the middle of a soccer field near my college apartment on Sunday. No one was using the field and he’d just be out there playing his heart out and the sound were just spread out over the plains. I’d be working on art for class so I’d open the window and listen.

I still have fond memories of the day a kid biked up to the edge of the field, ran over to the bagpiper and the music stopped for a moment and as they talked. I couldn’t hear it but I had assumed the worst, that someone had decided to tell him to stop playing. Instead after the pause the musician seemed to nod, readjusted his bagpipes and started belting out the Star Wars theme.

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What a fantastic story


Did you happen to go to Moravian college (Bethlehem Pa) in the late 90’s early 2000s? My wife did and when I visited her I heard a bagpiper playing in the fields.


Closest thing I’ve found on reddit to resemble my username

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