image He’s going to beat you someday …

Actually happened me last week! Put it on my phone for 9yo to play for the first time, getting like 8k, 10k. He opened it the next day like "how the hell did you get 120k?!!". Never seen anyone focus so hard on Tetris after that!


I own my nieces at Mario Kart.

Zero apologies. Get gud kid you have all day every day for this shit, I play it once in a blue moon at a family get-together.


I have to confess I did the same thing to a friend's kid on Mario Tennis on his Switch. He figured I was like any other grownup and didn't understand video games. I spent the first two games learning the buttons, then rolled him for straight sets. "Why are you so good??" Kid, I've been playing Nintendo Tennis since the arcade game 35 years ago.


A one-time Asteroids WR holder attended my church as a kid. He didn't make a big deal about it but one day saw me playing on the church office computer (tech wiz kid, could hardly blink in the 90s without someone needing PC help) and offered to show me his skills. Needless to say, he appeared to be part Jedi, like his actions were predetermined, and I think his score was closer to the record than mine to zero.


Had a similar experience with my kids playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii - they were gently fumbling around chasing mushrooms and whatnot, then I took the controller and muscle memory kicked in: I’m banging out hidden 1up mushrooms, warping all over the damn place, speed running, they couldn’t believe it


Got confused for a second because in my language we use the same word for points and stitches, so I thought he beat the shit out of his son's head


Villain origin story is what he was muttering


I beat little kids on video games (nieces&nephews) all the time. Feels soo good!

I'm the ultimate boss, they will play themelves to decide who's the best player to challenge me.

Beat them everytime! 😅

That day will come when they surpass me, but until then , I will keep my crown! 5 yrs and counting


Did this to my kids in Mario Kart. I played this game wasted so much in college. Doing it sober was easy. Until this little creeps grinded while I was at work and the 12 y.o. went four-firsts on me to take the cup.


My grandmother used to have the original Gameboy tetris. She would score over 100,000 allot. Once you pass 100k you would get a rocket ship. The bigger the score the bigger the ship. She showed me one time a rocket that was bigger the thenscreen. I didn't realize how hard this was until I managed to score my first 100k+ game. The rocket was so small you could have stacked 3 or 4 on the same screen. I scored 150k still a tiny rocket... I have no idea what score She reached to achieve her rocket. nor does she remember anymore

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