What would be the worst message to receive from space?

One short story I read a long time ago, was that earth received a message, it took years to decode but turns out it was a distress signal. Then suddenly earth started receiving distress signals from everywhere. Then it just all went silent


Don’t remember where it’s from, but there’s a book or something where humans start getting messages from everywhere that are goodbyes from other species as the universe ends.


“We hope this reaches you before they do…”


From The Three Body Problem books (spoilers):

!"I am a pacifist of this world. It is the luck of your civilization that I am the first to receive your message. I am warning you: Do not answer".!<


We pick up a signal from space. It is obviously artificial, but humanity can't understand it.

But Earth insects can. And they begin to respond.


A timer


Less a message, and more of a sudden lack of information from a small, but growing, part of the sky.

It starts with one star winking out. Then within a year a couple of its Closest neighbors wink out. In 10 years it can barely seen by the naked eye. In 50 it's a noticable black patch in the night sky.

Something is spreading and it's getting closer and we have no way of knowing what the cause is.

Edit: loving all the scifi closely related to this idea that y'all are suggesting for me.


“59”, followed by a “58”.


A neighbor once tried sending me a message by attempting to put a brick through my window, so I'd say an asteroid.


Congratulations on establishing your first off-world settlement. The Intergalactic Federation will now update your Sentient Species Identification to "Early Expansion" and remove all travel restrictions to and from your solar system.

-The unprotected off-world experience may differ from single-planet existence.
-N2S3h14Ag3 is an addictive substance known to the outpost of SRF104^1Q to inhibit the regrowth of ocular lubricant membranes in quadrupedal insectoids.
-The IF is not responsible for the enslavement of any species following the post-expansion removal of interstellar travel limitations

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