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Sinéad O'Connor, The Dixie Chicks, and Corey Feldman


Britney Spears when she shaved her head and all that. I'm no fan of hers but she just seemed like someone who cracked under all the pressure and lost her shit. Craig Ferguson did an absolutely amazing job talking about that and relating it to his own life. Major respect to him for that. Kind of long but worth watching.

Craig Ferguson Monologue

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Is the coffee industry next?


they'll all be fined a whopping total of 100 grand and then get back to business.

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I love the ever present pop up in seamless for their subscription service. So let me get this straight I pay you to have the privledge to pay the restaurant a little cheaper, after you inflate those prices anyway....

All these food apps are a blessing and a curse. The curse is really starting to out weigh the blessing.


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Is DoorDash one of reddit's advertisers?

Edit: looks like the human mods are restoring comments. This whole thread looks like it was targeted by DoorDash's bot army that was abusing the report function. My comment upvotes were/are fluctuating wildly everytime I refreshed.

Fuck DoorDash.

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That can't be right....the company who subsidizes their low paid workers with government food stamps is selling amazon beef?


A leading cause of deforestation is also soy agriculture, of which 80% are converted to food for animals.
Even if the cow you eat didn't physically stand on deforested land, it very possible contributed to deforestation. Well...not it, you.

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"I listened to a lot of soul music when I was in school," John recalls, "and I've always been interested in that sort of music. I'd been wanting to do a track like Another One Bites The Dust for a while, but originally all I had was the line and the bass riff. Gradually I filled it in and the band added ideas. I could hear it as a song for dancing but had no idea it would become as big as it did. The song got picked up off our album and some of the black radio stations in the US started playing it, which we've never had before. In the end it was a famous fan who swayed the vote: "Michael Jackson actually suggested we release it as a single. He was a fan of ours and used to come to our shows."

04-XX-1996 - Bassist & Bass Techniques

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Personally dont believe in astrology but nice I guess


this is an ad

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Thank you guy, thank you


3 dollars a US gallon is 57p a litre in the UK.

Our prices are currently around £1.20-1.30, as is most of Europe.

That's upwards of 6.2 USD.

Even with an increase your petrol is still half price.

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He's just a dipshit d lister desperately trying to be relevant.


Kevin Sorbo:

  • anti-vaxx
  • homophobic
  • Trumper
  • believes in creationism
  • believes in election-fraud conspiracies
  • believes that Hercules was better than Xena

Zero for six, peanut.

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Here's the kicker: if we ran it again the populists would sell them a new lie, an opportunity to get what we want this time and they'd swallow it all again.

Because when you look at this lady's reason's for voting leave they want an opportunity to punish, not to improve.


Anytime I start to feel empathy for these idiots, I remember the other half of the UK they’ve fucked who were against it from the beginning.

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So, if Clinton can be charged for lying about a BJ, what does this mean?


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This has been the hardest struggle in our life, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, financially.... you’re never prepared for these kinds of things to happen, they just happen! November 2019 she was diagnosed as a T1D and then almost exactly a year later November 2020 stage IV kidney cancer.... this little girl is my life and I would do anything to take her pain away.... most days is a battle and I wonder how we’re going to make it to the next day.... I’ve never been so happy just to see my child eat a meal....


sincerely praying that your child will get very well soon. stay strong OP!

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Ah yes, the old "Cat with a Rat Uzi"

Classical piece, symbolic of the times you could say.

The perfect snapshot of what it was like back then.


Only one is medieval

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It’s as fascinating as it is disappointing that Senators whose lives were in danger still won’t convict trump, and Pence has not advocated any kind of decision on the matter. They really are desperate cowards to save their political careers over their lives. Pence especially, since he seemed a higher priority target than even Pelosi.


Dems have control call the witnesses. They need to play the same hardball that has been played against them since Newt. I'm done with playing nice.

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Such a missed opportunity here... should have played Axel F. (Beverly hills cop theme)


All Cops Are Beatles Fans

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After receiving "I don't like yours" I would just unmatch. There are a ton of profiles on dating apps that enjoy harassing people. I'm not going to be kind to every troll for the off chance they're giving me a psychologically abusive test to see if I can be mature. I'm not a doormat.


Try it with her see if she is as nice

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Ooof. I have a cousin who didn’t make it through basic training in the Army and claims he’s a Veteran to everyone he meets. His social media is full of military stuff, and his new 3rd wife, thinks he’s a combat Vet. It’s really sad.


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We must buy GME as tribute on that day.

Also, for the purpose of fuckery.


Thought this was some kind of obituary at first

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Hold up! Did they pay taxes?!


Children technically can't go into debt, it's the parents who actually owe the money. The children are just the ones being punished for it.

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Problem is, 99% of journalists today don't look out the window at all...they just reproduce the AP's weather report, or write about what they want the weather to be and call it an opinion piece.


I'd do the weather report, and then quote them both. Let people know what's happening, and who's trying to deceive them.

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I’m a 29 yo guy and am extremely disappointed in like every one of my friends. None of them think COVID is serious. Really makes me worry I need new friends when all this is over


I'm honestly so over it at this point. I've been wearing my mask for a year and still do wear it. But I'm tired of being worried about this pandemic. It's only gotten worst as time goes by not better. This mixed with seasonal depression is lame AF

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Not much you can do. Talk to your family about it. Go to therapy maybe. Take a day off and just process it. I was it a similar situation, but would have been in the car. My brother was driving to my uncle's house and I was in the front passenger. There was a car in front of us and someone was getting ready to J walk. The first car passes the dude and we are maybe like 30 meters behind the first car and the guy sees us. He starts walking anyway and we are going around 40kph. My brother quickly turns around the dumbass guy, but we were like 30 cm from hitting the person


If you want to forget it, take a little melatonin (makes you drowsy) and go on r/aww until you fall asleep.

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Aivazovsky just called and said he wants his painting back ;)


It’s incredible!

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5’9 guy here and I pretty much never even think of talking to girls over 5’7.

Not because I don’t want to, but because every time I’ve tried talking to a girl around my height or taller, they literally tried to embarrass me about my height. Saying something like “you’re too short to ride this ride” or “I need me a real man” etc etc... So I just don’t bother anymore.

I think most guys can agree somewhat.


Most guys don’t have a height preference, just be aware since you are 6’0 most guys will be shorter than you, also fo up to guys you like, guys rarely get approached and we love it

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"Wow, he must have been an amazing Jedi Master"

".... he was never granted the rank of Master. Which was outrageous and unfair.


Of course I know him, he's me!

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I'm immediately suspicious of any initiative that has no other purpose besides publicizing bad things someone has done (or even just allegedly done) to make them a pariah. Because God knows if there's anything we needed more of, it's witch hunts.

The law exists to curb mankind's shittier nature, not indulge it.


Not a fan of the sex offender registry. The problem with systems like that is officials will always follow the law exactly. So the sex offender lists are filled with men who were 17 and banging their 16 year old girl friend. Today, they can't live near schools, and they get harassed by neighbors if they move into any neighborhood.

Recently had a flyer in our mailbox about a neighbor being a dangerous sex offender. Looked up his past: 16 years old, making out with his girlfriend of the same age, now labeled for life. Neighbors all wanted him gone, even though most of them had sex at the same age. They won't listen to reason, and social media is exploding with outrage.

So now imagine domestic violence. Women strikes her husband, he hits back, he goes in registry. Invariably men, not women, go on these lists because they are the "threat."

I think being arrested, convicted, and serving your time is enough unless you killed someone. I don't see a need for us to brand people virtually or literally.

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Chrono Trigger is basically the reverse.


“Do you want this Pokédex? You can fill out the Pokémon entries for my research!”


“Aww, c’mon. Here just take it.”

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We had the era of the remake, then the era of the reboot. Will this begin the era of the redo?



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I feel like this is what goes on everyday in my small town. Get this Michigan is a difficult state to get a liquor license, at least in the UP area. Well, under the guise of a community center some of our city board members got money together to open a craft brew pub. But it’s a community center guys! It’s for the community! Ahem, Just pay for our beer.


Was this the plot to a Lee Child novel?

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That kid is in shock...this brought me to tears.


I hope he goes on to be a metal-superstar.

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That jab was money!


Damn. Burns is really crying. Poor guy

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