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Three hours after the crash, Deputy Inspector Mark Fisher asked Mascarella to take the breath test. Mascarella refused. When a driver refuses a preliminary breath test, police typically seek a warrant to have the driver’s blood drawn and tested for alcohol. Fisher only issued a traffic ticket to Mascarella.

They 100% knew he was drunk. He refused a breathalyzer after they let him sit it out for 3 hours and they didn't follow up. The only remedy is to fire everyone tangential to this case.

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Alien versus predator


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Sir, plastic or paper?

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Enough said. image

conservative don't believe cops are racist against black people.

i interact with them a lot irl

this one fact is something they refuse to accept.

maybe its because they go to church with a cop

maybe its because they have a family member who is leo

ive heard lots of reasons...

but at the heart of it, they are either full of hate, or completely fucking ignorant of whats really going on around them.


Conservative response to this: "Quick, lets see if he has an irrelevant criminal history so we can find a way to justify this!"

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Made me sad not smile but still really cool


Not gonna lie. If I had no clue what that was and just happened across that while walking in the middle of the night I’d think I was in a horror movie

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Volleyball but everyone is Jesus


It was a national championship / promotional event in Ljubljana (SI) for the upcoming volleyball world cup, hosted by Slovenia and Poland from August 26th.

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I hope she doesn't have reddit

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Does that mean snoop Dogg is an Illuminati too?

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Be cool to see them fistfight


Someone slip Zelensky a glock. maybe he'll end this.

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Birds litterally do this all the time. They match the wind speed so they can hover over a single place to hunt. I'm not trying to be a dick (I'm a bit drunk), but I see this almost every day


Wind, man. You can fly backwards if it’s windy enough and you don’t stall.

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That's a lotta Kardashians.


I went through and didn't see a single comment about it.. but it's wild to me that Messi is #3 without any contribution from Twitter.

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Redlining didn't end, it just changed.


Sounds like this appraiser is screwed. Comp selection is not a hard science but there are some widely accepted norms and parameters in every market. A value swing this big is unheard of if both appraisers are A) competent and B) unbiased. It'd be pretty obvious if he picked comps from outside the proper neighborhood and an easy argument to win in court if it is as bad as they say (though maybe it isn't, who knows).

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me_irl image

It's sad that people do this to the ones they claim to love and care for. You wouldn't if you did.


My ex always brought up things I said before to "tease" me and I hated it.

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Veal. I remember being a kid and my mom made us breaded veal and said it was chicken and when we finished announced “you just ate baby cow!” I cried so much lol.


cephalopods. Those little suckers are smart. like at least dolphin smart.

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The ducks surround their next victim. Release the Qwacken!!


Yeah the man in the car is selling quack

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there's 9 different types of angels. a good amount of them (like 4/5 iirc) look just like humans with wings, the way they're commonly depicted. the rest are the eldritch beings we picture when someone says "biblically accurate angel". It's unclear which type of angel Lucifer was, so he's depicted as one of those human ones for better relatability when he needs to be a 'misunderstood badboy'


The gods in the Percy Jackson universe have a “true divine form” which emanates such power that any mortal that looks directly at it immediately turns to ash. I like to imagine much the same thing but probably on a much reduced scale.

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I hope other releases have a chance once this juggernaut hits theaters


“the film is expected to deviate significantly from confirmed fact” lol

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I'm confused. Why did she give her number hahaha


These Planet Fitness guerrilla marketing campaigns are getting ridiculous.

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he really thought he could read Günthers mind... noob

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"Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship!"


When I was in college, I used to get wicked hammered. My nickname was "Puke." I would chug a fifth of So-Co, sneak into a frat party, polish off a few people's empties, some brewskies, some Jell-O shots, do some body shots off myself, pass out, wake up the next morning, boot, rally, more So-Co, head to class. Probably would have gotten expelled if I'd let it affect my grades, but I aced all my courses. They called me "Ace." It was totally awesome. I got straight B's. They called me "Buzz."

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Simply astounding levels of detachment. I'm always left perplexed by women so dismissive of reproduction rights, as if they feel they'd be subsequently treated any differently. Just bizarre.


She said there are “no exceptions” to abortion when asked, “what if an uncle raped their 14 year old niece.” She is a rich carpetbagger from Illinois pretending to be a “working mom,” she just inherited everything and was promoted through nepotism. Has zero experience in politics and was on an extreme right-wing news network. I know it was tough for the GOP to select a candidate in Michigan, but she was one of the worst ones. Even compared to 5 others that were disqualified and 1 that is being brought up on insurrection charges.

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My boss wants to fire me because I only work 60 hours


They tell me that they don’t have enough people for anyone to take off the weekends.

"We're short-handed so we might have to fire you..."

Yup. Sounds like bad boss logic. Might want to start job hunting.

Edit: Just got banned from this sub. Sorry I can't continue the conversation.


I'd look at local labor laws. Then if you're feeling really bold, call them on their bullshit. If he wants to fire you because you're only working 60 hours, you're likely to get unemployment benefits and probably have grounds to sue.

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I dislike GSW and I called it early they were gonna win it all.

He is too good.


It’s funny how a championship changes everything, Giannis was the best player before this in media talks.

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If I was a kid, I’d be in my element with so many crossovers.

As a Dad, I went and bought Goku for myself last night 😂


I never got hooked on the game but I know if I had this game in my hand when I was 10 I would have really stopped sleeping

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I think Zuck's human simulator software needs an upgrade. The current version is not up to snuff.


Anyone remember Farmville on FB? That had better graphics than Meta Horizons.

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the graves look like houses or cars..makes it look much bigger..


This looks like sim city 2000

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Bruh the dog was looking like "HELP PLS" and they just stand there what the fuck.


Would pepper spray help in this situation? I would try but I'm not sure if the pit would let go.

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Now that you mention it, I’m surprised it doesn’t come with a convenience fee.


I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but there's been a trend for about a thousand years, that any gain in productivity, or reduction in cost, benefits only the person who makes the decisions.

They didn't create self-checkouts to save you money.

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PTSD—known to previous generations as shell shock, soldier's heart, combat fatigue or war neurosis—has roots stretching back centuries and was widely known during ancient times.


These poor dudes...

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My missus is kinda into baking, thought it would be a great idea to bulk buy the flour, think of the savings! we end up with this bag of flour I can barely lift it's that big. So big in fact we have nowhere to keep the damn thing. Ended up putting it right up above the kitchen cupboards away.

Went to get it down one day, since im a short ass can barley reach it, pull on the corner of the bag as if to pull it down into my arms. Bag rips. Flour literally everywhere, entire kitchen floor and all counters now totally white in a half a food deep flour.

So much joy from that purchase


If you don't like it, make sure you let the family know, Christmas will be upon us soon and you don't want to open another 2kg bag of coffee.

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